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EOTW: Shrewfoot's Spite: Chapter One
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 4: Shrewfoot's Spite
Chapter One
     The pale light of dawn was just beginning to break over the forest. It filtered through the soft, low-hanging branches that sheltered the camp, casting the dusty floor of the camp in a weak, golden glow. Nothing was stirring in the camp; even the morning birds hadn't yet begun their song. But one young creature was already wide awake.
     Even as her denmates snored around her, the young kitten scrambled out of her nest, bounding towards the nursery entrance, peering through the low-hanging brambles to watch the sun climb into the sky. Her eyes were wide with wonder, and her pelt was quivering with excitement. On any other day, this would have been much too early for even her to wake up. But today wasn't just any day. It was the day she had been waiting for for the last six moons of her life. Today was the day that she was to take her first step in becoming the best warri
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Shrewfoot's Spite Allegiances
Shrewfoot's Spite Allegiances
BLACKSTAR – large white tom with jet-black paws
RUSSETFUR – dark ginger she-cat
LITTLECLOUD – very small tabby tom
NIGHTWHISPER – brown tom with green eyes, formerly a loner
WHITEWATER – white she-cat with long fur, blind in one eye
OAKFUR – small brown tom
ROWANCLAW – ginger tom
SNAKETAIL – dark brown tom with tabby-striped tail
KINKFUR – tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all angles
SMOKEFOOT – black tom
CROWFROST – black-and-white tom
TOADFOOT – dark brown tom
APPLEFUR – mottled brown she-cat
RATSCAR – brown tom with long scar across his back
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Blood and Vengeance: Part Two
Blood and Vengeance: Part Two
A Warriors AU One-Shot
     Almost overnight, the cold of leafbare had tightened its grip over twolegplace. A thin layer of snow was draped over the stone and wood surfaces of the town, and the morning sky was a weak, cloudy gray. The massive tabby looked over the changing town as he walked along the top of a fence. If he squinted, with the way the snow cloaked some of the hard edges of twolegplace, he could almost pretend that he was back in the forest already. But inevitably, the stench of monster-smoke and rats would work its way back into his nose, and he would be forced to remember.
     Two moons had passed since Vengeance and his followers had joined BloodClan. It had all been easy for them to adapt to life as guards, as it required much the same skills as being a warrior. Howl still seemed hesitant to dole out punishment to some of the weaker rule-breakers of BloodClan, but Crusher and the former ShadowClan cats had be
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There Was Nothing to Steal by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff There Was Nothing to Steal :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 78 24 Eaglekit of WindClan - Fire and Ice by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Eaglekit of WindClan - Fire and Ice :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 21 4 Deadfoot of WindClan - The Darkest Hour by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Deadfoot of WindClan - The Darkest Hour :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 23 9 Graypool of RiverClan - A Dangerous Path by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Graypool of RiverClan - A Dangerous Path :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 24 0
Blood and Vengeance: Part One
Blood and Vengeance: Part One
A Warriors AU One-Shot
     The browns and grays of the forest were cast in a rich, blood-red by the setting sun. Everything hung in an uneasy silence as the creatures of the day fell quiet and the creatures of the night waited to rise. The only living things in the clearing below were six cats, cloaked in the shadows cast by the trees.
     One cat sat apart from the rest. His tail lashed in a slow, frustrated rhythm as he stared out into the distant forest. Behind him, he could hear his companions licking their wounds. His own wounds burned like fire, but even worse was the rage and frustration that clawed at his chest. Everything he had worked for, all of his carefully-laid plans, everything he had ever hungered for deep in his bones, it was all falling apart in front of his eyes.
     “Tigerclaw.” The massive tabby didn’t react to the sound of his voice, only flicking one ear in an abrupt m
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I was tagged by :icondevinital: to give eight facts about my character Darkbreeze from my Warrior fanfiction series Echoes of the War. *cracks knuckles* Alright, this should be fun. :D Darkbreeze is my favorite EOTW character, so I’m really happy she was picked. All but the last of facts were made up on the spot (the first part of the last fact was just made up, but the second part I've had sitting in my notes for a while), but they’re canon now because I’m the author and I said so. :P But it’s not like I made them up just ‘cause, they’re meant to be fitting to her character and everything I’ve already shown and implied in EOTW.


1. Post These rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your Character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Alright, here we go. ^^


  1. Darkkit and her sister Nightkit were three and a half moons old when Heathertail finally sat them down and told them why their father wasn’t a WindClan cat anymore. Nightkit wasn't entirely surprised – she remembered being dragged out of the den by a Dark Forest cat during the battle, and witnessing the subsequent fight between her father and mother after she was saved, and she'd heard the whispers from her Clanmates about Breezepelt being a traitor afterward.

    But Darkkit was completely stunned. Her father had been a bit grumpy and moody when he'd been in her life, sure, but he'd played with her and had loved her and had been a good father. She couldn't believe that the father she'd thought she'd known had been a murderer and a traitor all along. It took some time for her to come to terms with the truth, but eventually Crowfeather sat her down and gently explained how Breezepelt had been raised, his own part in neglecting Breezepelt, and how Breezepelt had chosen the Dark Forest. It took Darkkit some time to come to terms with Breezepelt's actions, and Crowfeather's past as a terrible father to his son, but eventually she forgave Crowfeather. He may have been a terrible father before, but he was a great grandfather to her and her sister now, and that was what she cared about.

    She eventually moved past the loss of her father, and bounced back to being her happy-go-lucky self. When her father returned, however, some of those feelings of betrayal and hurt and disbelief surfaced again, especially after Breeze stole Nightfern's son away and killed Crowfeather, who had been a truer father to her. Her feelings of betrayal eventually turned into hatred for her father, and she ended up being one of the cats to kill him. She feels some sadness about this, but most of her love and regret for her father vanished the day he stole Graykit from her sister. 
  2. As a kit, Darkkit would constantly pester Crowfeather for stories about the sun-drown quest. She was fascinated by the far-off places and dangers he described, and she loved the idea of these friends from all four Clans forming a close bond and facing the great dangers of the world as one. Though Crowfeather never said anything to her about it, her enthusiasm for these stories did make him worry that Darkbreeze would either leave WindClan one day to see these wonders for herself, or forgo Clan boundaries the way he had in his youth. It came as a legitimate surprise to Crowfeather when Nightfern ended up being the one of the litter to take a mate from another Clan rather than her more carefree and rule-disregarding sister – though he did feel somewhat vindicated when he watched over her relationship with Cosmo from StarClan.

    When she was old enough, he did tell her about his relationship with Leafpool and how much pain their mistakes had caused themselves and others – but then he added that Darkbreeze was a much smarter cat than he had ever been, and he knew that he couldn’t make her decisions for her, and he would support her wherever her heart eventually led her. Darkbreeze understood his concerns, but was always grateful that he was understanding of her desire to explore beyond her own borders. She often wondered how much she suspected about his friendship with Silentstorm, and indeed he guessed that the two she-cats were closer than they let on, but she never worried that he would tell on her because of it. Crowfeather had always made sure that she knew he trusted her.

  3. Related to the above point, at Darkbreeze’s first Gathering, she made a straight beeline for Bramblestar and Squirrelflight before they had a chance to reach the Great Tree. She attacked them with gushing about how cool they were and how much she loved hearing about the sun-drown quest and questions about all of the things Crowfeather claimed had happened. Gorsetail managed to drag her apprentice away before Darkbreeze embarrassed herself too much, and she kept her well away from Tawnypelt, the only other sun-drown quest member, until the next Gathering when Darkbreeze had a bit better control of herself.

    Bramblestar was mostly bemused by the whole thing, but Squirrelflight thought it was hilarious that the grumpy Crowfeather had such a perky, energetic granddaughter to deal with, and she found Darkpaw’s enthusiasm for their quest amusing and somewhat touching. She also saw a bit of herself in the eager young she-cat, though Darkbreeze lacked her snark or bite. Darkbreeze never went quite so fangirl on the sun-drown quest cats again after that, but she always admired them and held them all in high regard.

  4. As well as Heathertail and Crowfeather, Darkbreeze actually had a very good relationship with her uncle Kestrelflight growing up. Her other uncle Weaselfur was nice enough to the siblings, though a strict warrior and deputy, and her younger uncle Quickhare was fun to play with in their younger days, but Darkbreeze clicked with Kestrelflight in a way she didn’t with her other relatives. They both had the same overly-cheerful, overly-trusting, overly-happy nature, even if Darkbreeze was a bit more self-aware and perhaps intelligent than her gentle uncle.

    Even though Darkbreeze never had the patience or inclination for healing, she would often barge into Kestrelflight’s den as a young kit, sending carefully-sorted herbs scattering in her enthusiasm as she begged her uncle to play with her. Kestrelflight never lost his patience with Darkkit for her energy – he could remember being the same way as a kit all too well. He was even more willing to forgo pride and goof off with her and play around like a kit than Crowfeather, or even Heathertail. Crowfeather was a more mature and parental presence in Darkbreeze’s life, and he was the one she turned to for advice on serious matters or when she felt bad about herself – but he couldn’t make her laugh like Kestrelflight could.

    As she grew older, Darkbreeze would turn to Kestrelflight when she needed to take her mind off of stress and just goof off for a bit. She was devastated when he died, but she was so focused on keeping her newborn kits, and the visiting Jaykit, alive that she barely had time to grieve.

  5. When Darkpaw was assigned Gorsetail as her mentor, the senior warrior was at first uncertain about her new apprentice. Darkpaw’s father had been the one to murder Gorsetail’s daughter Swallowtail after all. But that feeling of apprehension was very brief on Gorsetail’s part. Even if Darkpaw somewhat resembled her father in looks, it was very quickly obvious that she was nothing like him in personality. It took no time at all for the cheerful, friendly apprentice to win her mentor over… before the endless enthusiasm and energy of the young cat started to become tiring. Gorsetail had to move like a cat half her age to keep up with her energetic apprentice, and the endless cheer and questions were sometimes grating.

    But Gorsetail could never hold a grudge against Darkpaw for long, and eventually became fond of the cheerful little tabby on her own merits. In a way, Darkpaw somewhat reminded Gorsetail of the cheerful Beechfur, the mate she’d loved and lost moons ago, though Darkpaw was definitely her own cat. She was very proud when Darkbreeze became a warrior, and fiercely defended her against any who doubted her loyalty when Breeze came back and started making trouble for the Clans.

  6. Darkbreeze would claim to any who would ask that, if WindClan and ThunderClan came to battle, she could set aside her friendship with Silentstorm in order to fight her. While that was perhaps true in the beginning of her friendship, Darkbreeze became less and less sure of the sentiment the longer she knew Silentstorm and the rest of her non-WindClan friends. By the time the Clans were living together in the city, she was deeply in doubt that she could ever fight the friends she’d grown to love so much, and by the time the Silent Battle was over, she was absolutely certain that she could never hurt any of these cats. She loved Specklefoot and Silentstorm as friends too deeply to ever hurt them, and even the Silent Battle participants that she hadn’t been as close to, she’d been through too much fighting beside them to ever turn her claws on them.

    In the years following the Silent Battle, the few times she and her non-WindClan friends had to meet in battle, she always sheathed her claws when fighting against fellow fighters from the Silent Battle, even if they (namely Finstrike or Ambertalon) didn’t return the favor. The few cats who noticed could never bring themselves to confront her about it, not after how she’d helped saved them in the Silent Battle. Darkbreeze never held back against any other non-WindClan cats, however, and never hesitated to defend her Clanmates, even against her friends – though in the case of her friends, she mostly just knocked them away from her Clanmates and kept them distracted while her Clanmates got to safety.

  7. When Darkbreeze first started helping Specklefoot to train Cosmo, she was deeply curious about how cats outside of the Clans lived, and was glad to meet such a friendly cat who would be willing to answer her questions and help her explore the city. From there, she and Cosmo very quickly became friends, their similar cheerfulness and enthusiasm allowing them to get along almost immediately. As the moons passed, however, Darkbreeze was surprised by just how deeply she trusted and cared for the kittypet, in a different and more intimate way than she cared about her friends.

    Thinking about this scared her because of its implications, so she tried desperately to ignore her feelings, until her fear spiked when Cosmo one day confessed his feelings for her, asking her to become his mate. He was nervous about confessing his feelings, but thought that he and Darkbreeze would be great together, and saw no problem with their being in love. To his surprise, Darkbreeze reacted with fear, not joy. She gasped out that she did love him, but that they couldn’t be together, that her Clanmate would never trust her, that she couldn’t betray them, that she could never leave WindClan to live in the city with him, that she didn’t want to feel divided between her heart and her family.

    Cosmo was stunned by the realization of just what a problem their relationship would be in the eyes of the Clan – he truly hadn’t understood the way the Clans worked and how their rules about taking mates worked before.  Once he realized the extent of Darkbreeze’s concerns, however, he apologized for approaching the topic the way he had and upsetting her. Darkbreeze also apologized for reacting in such a panicked way when Cosmo clearly hadn’t meant any harm. The two tried to carry on with their friendship for a short time after that, determined not to put the other in an awkward position again, but eventually their feelings won out.

    Darkbreeze told Cosmo she wanted to meet more often, and he agreed almost immediately. They spent as much of their time together after that as possible, desperate to grab every last second together before they were inevitably parted. Darkbreeze knew from the start that Cosmo would not leave with her when WindClan left the city, but she loved Cosmo too much to let that stop her from spending her time with him.

    After the Silent Battle, Cosmo kept his word and stayed with WindClan as a pseudo-warrior/medicine cat apprentice combo until his kits were full-grown and had earned their warrior names. He and Darkbreeze saw each other far less often after that, as Darkbreeze had a duty to her Clan and couldn’t leave them all the time, but she did her best to visit Cosmo in the city as often as she could, and he snuck away to visit her in WindClan whenever he could manage it. Moons would sometimes go by without the two seeing each other, but it was better than nothing, and the fact that Darkbreeze could still see him at all without her Clan hating her for it or the boundaries of the city and the Clans dividing them forever she considered a miracle.

    Her kits often visited their father as well. Cosmo was devoted to their children, and was a wonderful father to them, earning him their love in return. Cosmo continued to visit his kits in WindClan even after Darkbreeze’s death, and he always made sure to pay a visit to Darkbreeze’s grave and update her on his and their kit’s lives, and how much they miss her. He died peacefully in his sleep four years after Darkbreeze died, and was reunited with her in the stars, the two splitting their time between StarClan and a kittypet afterlife for the rest of time.

  8. Darkbreeze died at seven and a half years of age, around half a moon after the death of her best friend Silentstorm. A dog from one of the greenleaf twoleg nests got loose and was terrorizing some of the younger warriors. Darkbreeze put herself between the younger cats and the dog. The twolegs managed to retrieve their dog, and Darkbreeze survived the initial attack, but her wounds proved too much for her and claimed her after a few days of futile efforts to heal her. She rejoined her dearest friends Silentstorm and Eeltooth in StarClan, and eventually Specklefoot, Nightfern, and Cosmo joined her there as well.

    While in StarClan, she watched over her living Clanmates, including her kits. She was ridiculously proud when her daughter Stormbreeze was named as the new deputy of WindClan. She was present for Stormbreeze's leader ceremony, and gave Stormbreeze her eighth life, a life for joy, gifting her daughter all of the joy and the cheer that she had always tried to live with.

I hereby tag:

:iconsarn-elyren: - Tesa
:iconhawktalon07: - Lavenderstar
:iconlopoddity: - PB Sandwich
:iconarualmeow: - Leaftail
:iconkelpyart: - Bearfang
:iconalbinoraven666fanart: - Mohatu
:iconowlcoat: - Foxback
:iconcushfuddled: - Dustpelt or Spottedleaf (within the Twin Shadows universe)

Don't feel that you have to do these, of course, I know I don't talk to all of you that often or comment on all of your stuff, but I've just tagged characters from stories I follow a lot (even if I don't comment as often as I should) and that I really admire. :D Again, though, don't feel that you have to fill this out, obviously.


Bone of BloodClan - Sushi's Society
This is Bone of BloodClan.
Name: Bone
Gender: Male
Clan: Rogue (formerly), BloodClan
Rank: Guard
Daughter: Ash
Sons: Flash, Zoom

I’ve been meaning to get more ref sheets done for the 100 Warrior Cats challenge, and doing a BloodClan design again sounded fun, so I went ahead and chose Bone to make my next design for. So here he is. ^^

He’s described as a huge, battle-scarred tom with long legs and broad shoulders. I definitely tried to get across his massive size and his muscle through his design here. He’s not quite as big as Tigerstar and his descendants, but he’s very close to it, and he’s made of pure muscle. He’s got broad shoulders and hips, a thick chest and body, a broad head with a broad muzzle, and smallish ears and eyes. He’s got a short/medium, but thick, pelt.

He’s got quite a lot of scars, since he was described as battle-scarred, and I imagine a former rogue and the cat to do most of Scourge’s dirty work would have earned quite a few scars. He has the between-the-eyes scar from the Rise of Scourge, as well as others I added myself, and a torn ear because I thought it looked cool. :P

For his pattern, just like the last time I drew him, I decided to mix elements of his design in Rise of Scourge and his design in Cats of the Clans, since his ROS design is cool but doesn’t look entirely realistic, or entirely good in my style. He gets the white chest, belly, and muzzle from his ROS design, as well as the black chin.

However, I got rid of the white ear-tip since it didn’t look realistic, I extended the white on his neck since I liked how that looked better, and I gave him white paws because he looked weird without them and I like how they look on him.

They’re only on his paws, not his legs, unlike last time I drew him, but it looks better with the rest of his design now, I think. I added the white cheeks, nose, and forehead stripe from his COTC design since I wanted to partially incorporate that design, and because it didn’t look right with just the muzzle white.

He’s got green eyes, like in the text, I just picked kind of an olive-green to help distinguish him a bit from my design for Snuggle. I liked how the orange collar looked on him in his COTC design, so I let him have orange for his collar, though I added a stripe and star pattern because why not? ^^

Overall, the scars look a bit bright to me for some reason, but other than that I’m really happy with his design. :D

Echoes of the War Lyric Meme - Canon Characters
I enjoyed making my first two EOTW lyric memes based on :iconsarn-elyren:'s lyric meme for her Lion King comic Echelon earlier. I finished the memes for most of my important original characters, but I still had a few ideas for some lyrics for some of the characters from the canon Warriors series that appear in my fanfic. I kind of put it to the side since I couldn't think of enough canon characters to use, but recently I thought of some more characters to use, so I finally decied to make this third lyric meme. ^^ You can see now why I finally got off my butt and made new sheets for Nightcloud and Breeze, I didn't want to use their old ones, they were too old and blah.

For this round, I've used all characters from the canon Warriors series, but only characters who either weren't very important in the canon series but did have an important arc in EOTW, or who did have some significance in the canon series but whose arc took a different, important turn in EOTW. Mistystar, for example, has of course been very significant throughout Warriors, first as Bluestar's daughter and Fireheart's friend, then as calm and noble deputy and eventually leader of RiverClan, but in EOTW she got to play the new role of the elderly leader and proud mentor figure for a spunky young ThunderClan apprentice she grew rather fond of. Jayfeather and Lionblaze and some others had sort of different roles in EOTW, but they were so significant in the canon series that it kind of felt like cheating to include them, so that's why they're not here.

Once again, if anyone has any suggestions on fitting lyrics for these and for other EOTW cats, I'd love to hear them. I tried to think of lyrics that fit the spirit of each cat's story arc, or their personality, or such. I don't think the whole song fits each cat, for some of them it's just the lyrics I've shown, but for some the whole song fits well enough. I'll explain my reasons for each song chosen below. This is based on :iconsarn-elyren:'s original lyric meme, which can be found here: LINK I had to make it smaller than the original image, since my art program couldn't work with an image that large, and I wanted it small enough that I could only fit a headshot of each character in the slots, but large enough that you could still read the print without it looking blurry or pixelated or anything.



Choice #1

Character: Breeze
Song: Open Up Your Eyes
Source: My Little Pony: The Movie

Once again, I haven't seen any of MLP, the show or the new movie, though I love :iconlopoddity:'s fan content. However, I stumbled across this song on YouTube and really loved it. It's a cool villain song, and it just sounds cool. ^^ I may or may not have it on my phone now. :P Anyway, I was listening to it the other day, and suddenly found myself imagining Breeze singing the song to Gray, the "little one" he's trying to convince to see things his way and come to his side. That was part of what prompted me to make this lyric meme now, as I started getting more ideas of characters to work with.

I picked this part of the song in particular because not only can it work in terms of him singing to Gray and convincing him to appreciate power and ruthlessness the way Breeze does, but it also works in terms of Breeze's demand to the Clans to give up the warrior code, which he saw as worthless and a lie that the Clans clung to but rarely upheld, though they hold themselves up as the moral authority of all cats ("give up your sweet fantasyland"). It just fits his arc in EOTW overall, of the cat who tries to hold himself up as morally superior to the Clan and having grown wiser than them and their broken system, and who demands that they give up their code because of how foolish it is.


Choice #2
Character: Shrew
Song: Lions Over All
Source: The Lion Guard

I haven't watched The Lion Guard, and I don't have a great interest in doing so since it seems kind of kiddified (which is fair since it's aimed at kids, it just doesn't hold much interest for me.) I have, however, watched a few clips on YouTube out of interest. Some of them are scenes with dialogue, but most are songs. A lot of the songs seem kinda "eh," but the two I do like very much are Sisi Ni Sawa, and Lions Over All.

I knew when I started this lyric meme that I wanted to include Shrew, since she's one of the main villains in EOTW (at least early in the series), and she's the star of my newest novella, Shrewfoot's Spite. I was trying to think of a song to fit her prejudice, and Lions Over All sprung to mind. In the song, Zira demonstrates her belief that lions are superior to all animals and deserve to rule over all others because of it.

Shrew believed that cats with mixed blood could never be truly loyal, and were inherently lesser than pure-blooded cats, and was furious when a halfClan cat was allowed to lead her Clan. Her bitterness grew, and she convinced herself and others that cats with mixed blood were not worthy of leadership, and only a pure cat such as herself deserved to rule over a Clan. The song's lyrics felt fitting for that part of her arc.


Choice #3

Character: Nightcloud
Song: The Mob Song
Source: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

It took a bit to think of fitting lyrics for Nightcloud, but eventually I thought of these lines from the new version of The Mob Song for the recent live-action adaptation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The song is mostly unchanged, with just a few different lines from the animated film, but one of the additions results honeslty one of my favorite lines in the whole thing. "There's a beast running wild, there's no question / But I fear the wrong monster's released." I don't know why, but those lines really struck me. They were really great and fitting for LeFou's arc in the new film, with him realizing just how monstrous Gaston truly is, and how the mob they've formed is fueled by rage as they go after the Beast, but they don't realize the true monster is the one they're following.

When thinking about lyrics for Nightcloud, I realized that these lyrics were very fitting for her realization of just how monstrous her son, Breeze, has become. In the series, she finaly realizes just how cruel her son has become, and how cruel she has become in following him. When she realizes who the true "beast" is, she realizes that she needs to finally set things right and make up for the wrong that she has done, and that her son has done, and to stop her campmates from mindlessly going after the beast Breeze has described to them, but to open their eyes and realize which is the monster that has been released.


Choice #4

Character: Tigerstar
Song: I See Fire
Source: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Tigerstar here was by far the hardest to come up with fitting lyrics for. I was looking for lyrics that would it his initial poor leadership, and his desire to make things up to his Clan and be the leader he deserved. I had a lot of trouble finding a song to fit what I was looking for. Finally, however, I was browsing through my Pandora when I came across this song, which I also knew from the I See Fire MAP on YouTube. I realized that I could use some of the lyrics from that song for Tigerstar.

I picked these lyrics in particular because they really seemed to emphasize both the leader's (Thorin in the song, Tigerstar in my lyric meme) willingness to go down with their people and to risk everything to be good leaders for them ("Oh, should my people fall, then surely I'll do the same"), and the mistakes and arrogance that led to their current situation ("Confined in mountain halls, we got too close to the flame.")

Of course, part of my choice is knowing the context of the song. It was in part the dwarves' greed in continuing to dig up more and more gold that drew Smaug to their mountain, and caused the death and havoc that he wrought on their kingdom (with the fire bit, I'm guessing it might also be a reference to the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings, but I'm not sure.)

I picked the "confined in mountain halls, we got too close to the flame" for two reasons. First, it was Tigerstar's arrogance in believing he was being a good leader without listening to anyone else's opinions, and desire for glory over thinking of what was best for his Clan, that caused Shrew's rebellion to be so sucessful and devastating to his Clan, and caused the suffering of the Clanmates that did stand beside him, so it was his getting too close to the flame that caused suffering for his Clan.

But it's also a reference to how the isolation of the Clans ("confined in mountain halls") lead to their prejudice, which also led to Shrew's rebellion and the suffering it caused, and Breeze's attack on the Clans the serious devastation it brought to the Clans. Tigerstar, more than any other leader before him, addressed that and the problems that isolation and prejudice caused, and worked to correct it. He brought more non-Clanborn cats into the Clan than any leader before him, and he changed laws in the warrior code to push the Clans to be more accepting of outsiders and the way other cats live. For all of these reasons, I think these lines in particular fit Tigerstar's arc very well.


Choice #5

Character: Olivenose
Song: King and Lionheart
Source: Of Monsters and Men

For whatever reason, this song popped rather easily into my head when trying to think of a good song for Olivenose. This song seems to me to be very much about loyalty and offering strength to each other, and standing beside each other through the hardest of times. That really fits with Olivenose's arc in EOTW.

Her loyalty to Tigerstar wasn't limitless, as shown when she went behind his back to try and reason with the other Clan leaders, and she certainly would have ultimately turned against him if he'd ended up being too much of a threat to his Clan. But her loyalty to him did run deep, and her love for him ran even deeper. She stood beside him through his rocky first moons as leader, and though she begged him to listen to his Clanmates and lead the way they needed him to, she still stood beside him and defended him from the accusations of his Clanmates. For this, she was rewarded with the deputyship of the Clan, and the loyalty of a Tigerstar who finally realized his mistakes and never again forgot how much he owed Olivenose, and how much he valued and needed her advice.

But yeah, these lyrics really seemed to fit Olivenose's strenght and willingness to stand beside her beloved mate and leader through the hardest times their Clan had ever faced, facing the "howling ghosts" of the Clan's past (Breeze returning and wreaking havoc after so many moons with other old enemies beside him, and also the more literal ghosts of the Dark Forest), ever the loyal lion-heart to his noble king, even in the days when he had lost sight of what his Clan needed from him most, and she pushed him to be the noble king she knew he could be.


Choice #6

Character: Sedgestar
Song: Dance of the Robe
Source: Aida

This was actually the very first cat I thought of lyrics for for this round, and was the reason I came up with the idea of doing a third lyric meme in the first place. One day I was thinking of this song from Aida, probably my favorite song from that particular musical, and realized how fitting it was for Sedgestar's arc throughout EOTW.

Aida lived most of her life as a princess in luxury, but not yet with the responsibility of leadership, when suddenly she was thrust in a leadership position she didn't feel prepared for, and she had to lead her people through one of the worst times they had faced. Similarly, Sedgewhisker had only just lost her beloved mate when she was suddenly made deputy of WindClan. She only got to be deputy for less than a moon when suddenly her Clan's experienced and respected leader was killed, and she was left to lead her homeless and terrified Clan with basically no experience and no idea of how to lead a Clan.

Like Aida, Sedgestar eventually found the will and the strength to lead her Clan, but these lyrics in particular seemed to fit Sedgestar's initial panic at the thought of having to lead her Clan with zero experience, and having to live up to the expectations set by those that came before her, going from a regular warrior to leader of her Clan in less than a moon's time.


Choice #7

Character: Heatherstar
Song: Stand in the Rain
Source: Superchick

Took a bit to think of a fitting song for Heatherstar here, but I eventually remembered this song, which I always quite liked. It focuses a bit more on the fear that the singer has to face, but these lines in particular focus on the strength found in refusing to give into fear and pain, and making it past the bad things and finding yourself and your strength again on the other side.

Heatherstar suffered the loss not only of her first love, Lionblaze, through their disagreements and conflicts, but the horrible betrayal of her best friend and mate, Breeze, when he fought for the Dark Forest and killed his own Clanmate. She was greatly hurt by that betrayal, but she refuse to let herself be broken by it, and continued to live her life for herself and for her daughters.

The "and one day what's lost can be found" bit felt particularly fitting considering not only does she find a greater love in the raising of her daughters, and then Breeze's second litter, but she also got to become WindClan's leader and have the great love and respect of her Clanmates through her leadership. So even though she lost Breeze and was betrayed by him, and it hurt greatly, she didn't let it define her life, and she found something even greater without him.


Choice #8

Character: Hazeltail
Song: The Show Must Go On
Source: Moulin Rouge

(Yes, I know the song is originally by Queen, but I took the lyrics and their order specifically from the version edited for Moulin Rouge, and that's where I know the song from.)

I went back and forth on songs that would be fitting for Hazeltail for a bit before settling on this one. These lines in particular felt fitting for how Hazeltail always covered up her grief and masked her pain from her Clanmates to try and appear strong, even when she was breaking down inside. She believed that she wouldn't be as well respected if she allowed herself to show her pain, and that "the show must go on" in that she had to keep up the appearance of strength to keep from breaking down in front of everyone.

Eventually, she got so worn down by her losses that she retired to the elder's den, and enjoyed a greater peace in being allowed to rest and be comforted by her Clanmates. But those lines still fit that part of her character in EOTW to me.


Choice #9

Character: Mistystar
Song: I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)
Source: Moana

These lines in particular, for me, really fit Mistystar's relationship with Silentstorm, the main character of EOTW. The "girl from an island" that the song referes to is not, in this example, Mistystar herself, but Silentstorm, and it is Mistystar singing about her. There is a MAP where this song refers to Mistystar with Graypool singing to her, but in this instance it felt more fitting to have the lines symbolize Mistystar's perspective of Silentstorm and how she feels about their relationship.

Mistystar only got to spend a moon with Silentstorm in her Clan, but during that time she became a sort of mentor figure for the stubborn young ThunderClan cat. Even though they went their separate ways, to their separate Clans, after that moon, the two continued to be close, Silentstorm still looking up to Mistystar, and Mistystar admiring the younger cat and feeling proud of what she had accomplished. She could see fairly early on that Silentstorm "stood apart from the crowd" through her curiosity and stubbornnes, and how she refused to let the rules get in the way of what she thought was right. The "she loves the sea and her people" refers to her love and friendship for RiverClan, and how she remained close to them even when she chose to remain loyal to ThunderClan, and she didn't let their divisions stop her from caring about them both.

Ultimately, Mistystar continued to care about Silentstorm even when she had left RiverClan, watching her rise to the rank of a warrior even though some cats doubted she would, and she suspected Silentstorm's involvement in some kind of prophecy even before Silentstorm's own leader. She felt proud of what Silentstorm accomplished, especially when she eventually learned that Silentstorm saved them all from the darkness. Even though she wasn't Silentstorm's kin (well, she was, but very very distantly), she was always very supportive of Silentstorm, and guided her even when they weren't in the same Clan. This song, and how Tala has guided Moana, felt very fitting for that.
Breeze of Breeze's Camp - Code of the Forest
This is Breeze of Breeze's Camp.
Name: Breeze
Gender: Male
Clan: WindClan (formerly), Rogue (formerly), Breeze's Camp
Rank: Rogue
Mother: Night
Father: Crowfeather (deceased)
Half Brothers: Jayfeather (deceased), Lionblaze
Half Sister: Hollyleaf (deceased)

Mate: Heathertail (formerly)
Daughters: DarkbreezeNightfern

I've been meaning to redo Breeze's sheet for while, the last one's anatomy looked kinda weird, and his scars were a bit too big. So here's his new sheet. ^^

I tried to make him take a fair bit after his father in terms of build, since his colors are exactly like his mother's. He's not a straight-up oriental like his father, but he does have several of his traights. He has Crowfeather's short fur, as opposed to his mother's thicker pelt, his face is more narrow, his body and legs are skinnier.

However, he has his mother's average ears and muzzle as opposed to Crowfeather's long ones, he's tall but not quite as tall as his father, and despite his skinny frame he has more muscle than his father, and is suprisingly strong and deadly from his Dark Forest training. He has a lot of scars, from his DF training, battles as a warrior, and life as a rogue and the leader of his camp. Some are from the old ref sheet, but smaller/scaled down, but most on the body are new.

His colors are all exactly the same as his mother's colors, but his markings are slightly different. He has gray both above and under the eyes, and he has two sets of spots above his eyes, more similar to his father's pattern.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this. ^^ It took a lot of tweaking, and I'm stil not sure if I got the anatomy or the narrow face right, but I'm mostly happy with it.


COVER: link
Nightcloud of WindClan - Silent Sacrifice
This is Nightcloud of WindClan.
Name: Nightcloud
Gender: Female
Clan: Rogue (formerly), Breeze's Camp (formerly), WindClan
Rank: Elder
Mother: Sorrelstem (deceased)
Father: Bristleleaf (deceased)
Sister: Thrushwing (deceased)
Brother: Tornear (deceased), Stoneclaw (deceased)
Mate: Crowfeather (formerly)
Son: Breeze (deceased)

For Silent Sacrifice, since Nightcloud rejoined WindClan, I decided to draw her with a WindClan pose. Same colors and pattern and scars, just a different pose. I'm actually really happy with how the running pose turned out here. She looks very happy to be back in WindClan, much freer now that she's put her past behind her and has helped defeat her son.


COVER: link
Night of Breeze's Camp - Code of the Forest
This is Night of Breeze's Camp.
Name: Night
Gender: Female
Clan: WindClan (formerly), Rogue (formerly), Breeze's Camp
Rank: Guard
Mother: Sorrelstem (deceased)
Father: Bristleleaf (deceased)
Sister: Thrushwing (deceased)
Brother: Tornear (deceased), Stoneclaw (deceased)
Mate: Crowfeather (formerly)
Son: Breeze

This is one I've been meaning to redo for a good while. Night's old ref sheet was looking very, very old. The anatomy wasn't good, it was just very bland looking and not well thought-out in terms of design, and the expression was way exaggerated. So here, at last, is a new ref sheet for Night.

I've also been doing a lot of family tree stuff for the characters in the EOTW 'verse, canon characters whose families were never revealed (or that were revealed after I already chose different famililes for them for EOTW and therefore aren't canon to the EOTW 'verse), and so I decied to list the family I chose for Night here. Her mother is Sorrelstem, my warrior name for Deadfoot's sister in Tallstar's Revenge, and Bristleleaf, my warrior name for Palebird's son from her litter with Woollytail. Bristleleaf was never given a description in canon, so I like to imagine that he was a spiky-furred black tom with a white chin and throat and yellow eyes (his father's eyes).

Her littermate is Tornear, who shows up fairly often as a WindClan warrior and senior warrior in the series. I figured Sorrelstem's gray (likely torbie) pelt would work to give Tornear his gray tabby pelt, and Bristleleaf could give Nightcloud her black fur. The amber eyes could be from Sorrelstem and her parents, none of them have confirmed eye colors. I gave Sorrelstem and Bristleleaf a second litter through Thrushwing and Stoneclaw (the two new warriors who show up in the Secrets of the Clans story when Brokenstar drives WindClan out) because why not? Neither of them have confirmed descriptions, so they could be anyone's kits really. Might as well give Nightcloud a few more siblings.

Originally, I just pictured Nightcloud as a small, short-furred cat like most WindClan warriors, without putting much more thought into her description. But then I started thinking about her father Bristleleaf, and grandfeather Woollytail, and whether their names might not indicate a bit of a longer pelt than is usually seen in WindClan cats. That made me think of a way to both help distinguish Nightcloud from her son who has the same coloration, and to justify the "cloud" part of her name as being after her thick, soft fur rather than her personality, which isn't very gentle. Maybe Woollytail wasn't pure WindClan and had some kind of long-furred ancestor, or maybe it just popped up in WindClan's genes somehow.

Night's pelt here is thick and mediumish in length, but not long. She's on the small side, but not as lithe as some other WindClan cats, and she's got a fair bit of muscle on her. I always pictured her as being sort of a compact cat, a strong warrior more than one of the swiftest WindClan cat. Maybe that, combined with her thick pelt unusual for WindClan, made her somewhat self-concious about her appearance and her attractiveness to her Clanmates, which might be part of why she went for Crowfeather. I tried some new stuff with drawing the front legs and chest, trying to be more realistic, let me know what you think. I'm not totally sure about it, but it does look kinda better than before. Night here has a fair few scars, as I don't see her as being the type to hold back in a battle, and she has lived as a rogue and now is one of Breeze's guards.

Her colors are pretty simple, just the black pelt and a bit of gray on the face to keep it from being too plain. I was gonna give her Nightfern's shade of amber eyes, but I didn't like how those colors looked - if I ever make a new sheet for Nightfern, she'll be getting this shade of amber, though, since it's her father's shade too. I forgot to add the scar color to the list, but it's the same as Breeze's, and it's listed on his new sheet I'll post in a few minutes, so there's that.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. ^^


COVER: link


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